Fun Facts about Maryland Counties County Names. The first settlers of the Maryland Colony included a mix of about 200 Catholics and Protestants who had been promised land grants; they arrived on the ships the Ark and the Dove. And like our country, Mary… Although a small state in size, it is the 5th most densely populated U.S. state. Plantations grew tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables, grains, and fruit. The idea for an English colony along the Chesapeake Bay where Catholics could live and worship in peace came from George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore. It is ranked the 19th most populated with more than 5.9 million residents. Maryland developed into a plantation colony by the 18th century. The National Aquarium is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Maryland is one of the smallest states in the United States, covering only 12,407 sq miles. The colony was established by Cecil Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore (also known as Lord Baltimore), who also governed the Colony of Newfoundland and the Province of Avalon. The name of the colony was taken to honor Queen Elizabeth, the virgin queen. Maryland Fun Facts The United States Naval Academy was founded on October 10, 1845 at Annapolis. A historical marker for the Mason–Dixon Line. Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem while watching the bombardment of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812.; During the 1800s, Baltimore served as the second … The new colony was named Maryland in honor of Henrietta Maria, the queen consort of Charles I. George Calvert had previously been involved in a settlement in Newfoundland but, finding the land inhospitable, hoped this new colony would be a financial success. John Smith sailed into Chesapeake Bay and stayed for several weeks to map the shoreline. The Most Important Inventions of the Industrial Revolution. Here are 36 Interesting Maryland facts. ; 1685 - William Nuthead started the first printing business in St. Mary's City in 1685. The Act of Toleration was passed in 1649 by Governor William Stone to protect those who believed in Jesus Christ. Livestock, fruit, vegetables, corn, tobacco and cotton were some products exported from Colonial Virginia. In Maryland kids are allowed to drink beer! Maryland has been called \"America in Miniature\" because so much is packed into its 10,460 square miles of land and water. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra was the first orchestra to in the U.S. to have municipal support. The Maryland Colony was the last of the 13 colonies to ratify the Articles of Confederation, which it did in 1781. Maryland Colony Facts: Pre-Revolution. ... 13 Colonies Facts: Lesson for Kids 3:54 What Happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke? Many of the counties in Maryland were named for relatives of the Barons Baltimore who were the proprietors of the Maryland colony from its founding in 1634 through 1771. The Maryland Colony was founded as a refuge for English Catholics. It originally covered approximately 12 million acres. He did this by befriending many members, e. PicFacts. In England, Catholics faced widespread discrimination; for example, they were not allowed to hold public office, and in 1666 they were blamed for the Great Fire of London. Colonial Maryland: Home; History; Daily Life; Interesting Facts; Learn More/Bibliography; An interesting fact about Maryland is that one time tobbaco was considered our currency or we used it as money! The original Maryland Colony encompassed a lot more land than it does today as the state of Maryland. Following the Protestant Reformation, Europe experienced a series of religious wars in the 16th and 17th centuries. Major cities in the Maryland Colony included Baltimore and Annapolis. Natural resources in the Maryland Colony included forests, fish, and good farming land. Native Americans split control of the region before the arrival of Europeans. Saint Mary’s County was the first county on August 22, 1666. The new colony was named after Henrietta Maria, the wife of the king. (13 Colonies > Maryland Colony ) This generator generates a random fact from a large database on a chosen topic everytime you visit this page. He also wished to found the colony for economic gain. The Maryland Colony's original name was the Province of Maryland. The state of Maryland was named after Queen Henrietta Maria, who was the wife of England King Charles I. 1-5 Maryland Facts 1. Multiple categories are supported. William Nuthead started the first printing business in St. Mary’s City in 1685. Maryland's signers included Samuel Chase, William Paca, Charles Carroll, and Thomas Stone. The Maryland Colony became a state on April 28. Maryland takes its noble roots seriously. Raymond Boyd / Getty Images. Fun Facts. The 13 original colonies were divided into three regions which included the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies. Cecil Calvert, 2nd Lord of Baltimore, founded Maryland in 1632. It was the first settlement in the New World to guarantee religious freedom for all Trinitarian Christians. The Maryland Colony's first settlement was St. Mary's City, which was built along the Chesapeake Bay. However, with an influx of Catholics into Baltimore, laws were once again created to help protect against religious persecution. Facts about The Colony Of Maryland. Parts of the original Maryland Colony eventually became other states as Maryland ceded land that became part of Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. The Maryland Colony was one of the Southern Colonies which also included the Virginia Colony, the North Colony, the South Carolina Colony, and the Georgia Colony. He is the author of "The Everything American Presidents Book" and "Colonial Life: Government.". 40. Maryland Fun Facts. Facts about Colonial Virginia 8: the name of the Colonial Virginia. Get Maryland facts, maps, and pictures in this U.S. state profile from National Geographic Kids. Keep watching and subscribe, as more states will follow! Maryland's northern border was established after a legal dispute which resulted in the Mason-Dixon Line in 1763. Maryland is the 42nd largest state with only 12,407 square miles. Daryl Davis, a black musician, is credited with dismantling the entire KKK network in Maryland. Maryland Fun Facts and Trivia. This made it easier to grow crops year round but the warmer temperatures made it easier for disease to spread. Flag adopted 1904. The Maryland Colony was one of America's first original 13 colonies. Their first concert was conducted on February 11, 1916 by Gustav Strube. Francis Scott Key, the author of the National anthem was born on September 14, 1814 in Maryland. Interesting Maryland Colony Facts: The Maryland Colony's original name was the Province of Maryland. Tell us in the comments below! In colonial Maryland, some aspects of life were quite the same as they are now: children went to school, while their mothers and fathers worked hard to … Yet despite of its small size, Maryland leads in other areas. It was a proprietary colony of Cecil Calvert, the second Lord Baltimore. Paleo-Indians first inhabited what is now the state of Maryland. The black and Gold designs belong to the Calvert family. Lord Baltimore actually lost his proprietary rights and it was some time before his family was able to regain control of Maryland. Sir Anthony Van Dyck's painting of King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria. Maryland was named after Queen Henrietta Maria of England. In 1649, Maryland passed the Maryland Toleration Act, the first law in the New World designed to encourage religious tolerance. Interesting Facts One of the original 13 colonies, Maryland lies at the center of the Eastern Seaboard, amid the great commercial and population complex that stretches from Maine to … The settlers arrived at St. Clement's Island on March 25, 1634, and founded St. Mary's City. In 1700 there were about 25,000 people and by 1750 that had grown more than 5 times to 130,000. State abbreviation/Postal code: Md./MD Nicknames: Free State; Old Line State Origin of name: In honor of Henrietta Maria (queen of Charles I of England) Motto: "Fatti maschii, parole femine" (Manly deeds, womanly words) State symbols: Bird: Baltimore oriole (1947) Cat: Calico (2001) Crustacean: Blue crab (1989) Dinosaur: Astrodon (1998) Dog: Chesapeake Bay Retriever (1964) Fish: Rock fish (1965) Game species: Eastern gra… Counties by Year. It is ranked as the 42nd largest state in U.S. Charles I, for his part, was to be given a share of the income that the new colony created. The United States Naval Academy was founded on October 10, 1845 at Annapolis. When he died, his wife Diana inherited the business. The State of Maryland is located in the Mid-Atlantic United States region. The Maryland Colony was founded by Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore and others in 1633 at Baltimore. It is believed that at … What's your favorite fun fact about Maryland? In 1634, a group of Catholics and Puritans sailed across the ocean from England to the new Maryland colony, named after King Charles' wife, Henrietta Maria. That's because water is almost everywhere in Maryland. The Court of Appeals of Maryland is the only court in the United States whose judges wear red robes. Over the next 15 years, the number of Protestant settlers steadily increased, and there was fear that religious liberty would be taken away from the Catholic population. Although the settlers in the Maryland Colony grew a variety of crops, the major export was tobacco. They became heavily involved in the cultivation of tobacco, which was their primary cash crop along with wheat and corn. Livestock was also commonly raised in the Maryland Colony. 41. The Province of Maryland—also known as the Maryland Colony—was founded in 1632 as a safe haven for English Catholics fleeing anti-Catholic persecution in Europe. The U.S. By 1755, about 40% of Maryland’s population was black. In 1962, Maryland became the first state to designate an … Get this Flag. You can find just about any kind of natural feature here, except a desert. Although it was created as a haven for English Catholics, many of the original settlers were Protestants. Martin Kelly, M.A., is a history teacher and curriculum developer. The Maryland Colony was founded as a refuge for English Catholics. In 1830 the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company built the first railroad station in Baltimore. The Maryland Colony was the last of the 13 colonies to ratify the Articles of Confederation, which it did in 1781. The Maryland State House in Annapolis is the oldest state capitol still in continuous legislative use. The early settlements in the Maryland Colony often clustered around its rivers and waterways, in particular those that emptied into Chesapeake Bay. 1683 - Oxford (founded 1683), gained its prominence in colonial days by being mandated in 1694 by Maryland legislation as the first and only port of entry on the eastern shore. The first Lord Baltimore, a proud Catholic, envisioned the Maryland Colony as a place where English people would have religious freedom. The first governor of the colony was Cecil Calvert's brother, Leonard. In 1776 the Maryland Colony signed the Declaration of Independence. The Maryland Colony article provides important information and interesting facts at a glance via the fast Facts File about the Maryland Colony including the date the colony were established, geography, history, the system of government, religion, trade and the economic activities in the Maryland Colony. PicFacts(1-500) PicFacts(501-1000) PicFacts(1001-1500) Like other settlements in the New World, the Maryland Colony was established as a religious refuge. Baltimore has a history as interesting and diverse as its citizens. That same year, Lord Baltimore died, and the charter was given to his son, Cecil Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore. To know more about these, here are some interesting facts about Maryland. Nicknames given to Maryland over the years include the Free State, and the Old Line State. Check out this list full of things you may not have known about the state of Maryland. Naval Academy is located in Annapolis, Maryland. Interesting facts about Maryland Maryland is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States . However, this act was repealed in 1654 when outright conflict occurred and the Puritans took control of the colony. Interestingly, although the Maryland Colony was ostensibly founded as a refuge for Catholics, only 17 of the original settlers were Catholic. Plantations often included everything they required to be self-sufficient including the main house, slave quarters, a laundry house, smokehouse, a dairy, a blacksmith's shop and several barns. The climate in the Maryland Colony was much warmer than in the New England and Middle Colonies. The rest were Protestant indentured servants. George Calvert had been stripped of his title as Secretary of State in 1625 when he declared his Catholicism. Anti-Catholic actions occurred in the colony all the way up until the 18th century. Archaeologists have found artifacts … Francis Scott Key wrote the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner" after seeing the flag still waving at … It is bordered by Pennsylvania on the north and by Chesapeake Bay and a small piece of Virginia on the south, Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean on the east, West Virginia and Virginia on the west. In this video you can find seven little known facts about Maryland. Maryland planters also made extensive use of indentured servants and penal labor. It was the first settlement in the New World to guarantee religious freedom for all Trinitarian Christians. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life. When you picture a judge, you usually see the billowing black robes reminiscent … ... Maryland was founded as an English colony in 1634 by Cecil Calvert, the second Lord Baltimore. Major industry in the Maryland Colony included agriculture, iron works, shipbuilding and other manufacturing. Although the charter had been originally issued to George Calvert, 1. The Lords Baltimore: Establishing Religious Freedom, The Founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, The Founding of North Carolina Colony and Its Role in the Revolution, Colonial Governments of the Original 13 Colonies. maryland fun facts and trivia. Fast Facts: Maryland Colony. The red and white design belongs to the Crossland family. The Maryland Colony was founded in 1632 after its charter was approved by King Charles I. When he died, his wife … Maryland’s first public television programs were broadcast on October 5, 1969. In 1632, he received a charter from King Charles I to found a colony east of the Potomac River. Judges Wear Red. Cecil's father, George Calvert, had received a royal charter for the land from King Charles I. Even though Maryland is a small state it has great skiing resorts AND beach resorts. Maryland - Maryland - The colony: In 1608 the English explorer Capt. While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add … The Maryland Colony was named after King Charles I's wife Queen Henrietta Maria. The Maryland Colony was founded in 1632 after its charter was approved by King Charles I. It shares state borders with West Virginia, Virginia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and Delaware. It is approximately half that today. Maryland is … The \"America In Miniature\" title also applies to the role Maryland has played in our nation's history, from the founding of the United States to the present. Plantations in the Maryland Colony were dominated by tobacco, and as prices dropped the plantation owners grew to rely heavily on slaves to maximize profits. Facts about Colonial Virginia 7: the important exports. George and Cecil were the only Roman Catholics in the British Empire's history to be given a colony. Maryland History Firsts & State Facts. The Maryland Colony's first settlement was St. Mary's City, which was built along the Chesapeake Bay.

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